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How to Choose Your New Roll-on Grass

Perth has an extreme Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers and chilling wet winters, making it hard to choose the best grass varieties for Perth Conditions. Some summers in Perth Metro can heat up to 48+ degrees Celsius, while winters can drop to a chilling temperature of under 3 degrees Celsius!

With knowledge of this Mediterranean climate, it may be hard to choose the best grass to survive and thrive in a Perth home. Our team at Lawn-Art Dirt+Grass have listed our top grass varieties for Perth conditions to help guide you!

There are a few things to consider when selecting the best grass varieties for Perth climate. We discuss what factors will affect your decision when installing new roll-on grass, including soil conditions, grass usage conditions, and aesthetic factors.


Grass Soil Conditions

Perth is Australia’s sunniest capital. It is normal to have nine hours of hot direct sunshine per day throughout the year.

When choosing the best roll-on grass for your Perth home, our experts at Lawn-Art will analyse your soil condition to install your new grass correctly. Soil type influences the capacity to support the new grass's health.

Sandy backyards are very common as Perth was built on sand dunes. Water and nutrient holding capacity are inferior within certain soil types, mainly sand. Therefore, proper soil preparation must occur.

Lawn failures are prominent when poor soil lies under the roots. At Lawn-Art Dirtt+Grass, we add soil improvers to enhance the soil's water holding capacity and provide essential nutrients to your lawn to avoid common lawn failures.

A new roll-on lawn will take approximately 12-months before it has established a sound root system.


Grass Usage Conditions

When choosing the best grass variety for your home, it is important to the usage conditions of the grass. Some deciding factors that can influence what grass is most suitable for your Perth home are the amount of shade covering the grass area, foot traffic, and lifestyle.

Grass holds many benefits and some reasons you may choose your new grass is because it may bring beneficial properties to:

  • Absorb rainwater
  • Reduce soil erosion
  • Settle airborne dust
  • Reduce noise levels
  • Reduce heat
  • Stabilise soil
  • Absorbe carbon dioxide
  • Provide a safety barrier

At Lawn-Art Dirt+Grass, we will only recommend grass that will suit your environment and lifestyle!


Grass Maintenance

Are you a green thumb or wanting easy, low maintenance, low watering, or slow-growing grass? Your ability to maintain grass will heavily influence your choice of grass for your home. Each grass type will vary in maintenance levels. We discuss the most effective grass types for Perth conditions.

For example, the Palmetto is a low-maintenance grass, whilst the Wintergreen Couch turf is higher-maintenance grass that requires regular watering and mowing. Therefore, a person working full time with limited hours may decide to go with the Palmetto.

We offer an extensive range of grass varieties at Lawn-Art Dirt+Grass, each with unique colours, vibrancies, textures, and shapes.

The type of texture and colour of grass you prefer may depend on your lifestyle and preferences.


Best Grass Varieties for Perth

Picking the correct grass type for your lifestyle in the Perth climate is easier than you think! At Lawn-Art Dirt+Grass, we have over 15 years of experience in the industry and understand how different types of grass thrive in Perth. Here are our recommendations suitable for the Perth climate.


Sir Walter Buffalo

Sir Walter Buffalo grass is a premium low-maintenance lawn grass that thrives in the Perth climate from the hot summers to the cool winter months.

Sir Walter Buffalo grass has a high tolerance to the sun, salt, and shade. If you prefer to use bore water to water your lawn, Sir Walter Buffalo grass will be unaffected. Most importantly, Sir Walter Buffalo grass is a low allergy grass!

Palmetto Buffalo

The Palmetto Buffalo is a low maintenance turfgrass and is durable against drought, shade and Perth's cooler months. 

We highly recommend the Palmetto Buffalo to residential properties due to its low maintenance, soft touch, and bright colour.

Village Green Kikuyu

The Village Green Kikuyu is a beautiful emerald, green colour with high coverage throughout Perth's winter months. This grass is tolerant to high levels of traffic, frost and very easy to maintain due to its excellent weed suppression. We recommend the Village Green Kikuyu grass to large active families in Perth.

Winter Green Couch

The Winter Green Couch is a beautiful light green coloured grass that tolerates low water intake. It does not require watering in winter. We recommend this grass for homes as a sports turf as it has good durability against wear and tear.

Empire Zoysia

The Empire Zoysia is a low maintenance grass that thrives in Perth's heat and humidity. This grass is dark green in colour and tolerates low water intake and less fertiliser, perfect for a front garden in Perth

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