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Perth Garden Design

Whether you have a small or large front garden in Perth, it’s always great to bring your garden ideas to life to boost your curb appeal, increase the value of your home and make your home show your personality.

Implementing a great Perth garden design is an investment that pays itself off.

Your front garden is one of the first factors to create the first impression, so why not make it great? Not only will you impress your neighbours, but it will also give you something to be proud of. So what makes a front garden stand out?

We’ve listed our favourite front garden ideas you can do in your Perth home!

1) Fresh Grass

One thing we love is the bright green colour of fresh grass. It reminds us of the fresh summer weather and brings life to the environment. Installing grass is relatively simple when you go through a professional turf supply and install company, or you can purchase and install fresh turf yourself!

If your front garden appears to just be weeds, or just needs to be removed, you should consider replacing the old lawn with lower maintenance grass that can withstand Perth harsh climate.

See for yourself how new grass can increase your property’s visual appeal!

2) Mounds and Small Humps in the Landscape

Small humps and mounds can add a great effect to your landscape if you have enough space to get creative! This can make your space appear larger and more aesthetically pleasing. Stand out from the rest of your neighbourhood by creating a unique statement piece that will survive Perth’s weather with practically no maintenance at all!

Ensure you don’t have stray grass and weeds growing in the space by maintaining it yourself with weedkilling spray, or having a professional treat the area.

3) Creating Paths

Creating a path in your front garden can be achieved without breaking the bank! If you want to add that extra flair to your home, you can create garden paths with materials such as road base, gravel, stone, and steppers for beautiful, inexpensive paths around your garden. Don’t forget that most paths will need to be enclosed with a border!

Paths are sealed, bordered or cemented in, so they are a safe beautiful option to make a front garden stand out in Perth.

4) Add a Rock Garden

Adding a rock garden, or adding natural stone designs on the edges of your grass landscape will add an extra flair to any front garden, big or small.

We love the rock garden beds and rock garden bed edging as they add a sleek look, can make flower beds look tidier, or make your front garden appear larger.

You can add rocks with flowers or grassy native Australian plants to create a shield from the hot Perth sun or add a water feature with your rock garden bed. Install a rock garden bed yourself or contact a professional to make your front garden stand out!

We hope this has helped inspire you to bring your garden ideas to life! Always contact your local council to ensure you comply with local planning schemes, design or building codes, legislation and policies before starting your front garden project!

If you are unsure of where to start, contact Lawn-Art Dirt+Grass today to bring your front garden to life!

Contact Sandesh on 0432 504 232 or to discuss your garden project today!

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