Lawn Installation Perth

New Lawn Installation

Lawn-Art Dirt+Grass are your trusted local grass supplier. We have been providing lawn installation services in Perth for 15 years. We assist you through the whole process, from delivering the grass, the earthworks, soil prep, and laying the grass. We service both north and south of the river!

Lawn-Art Dirt+Grass use in-house specialty equipment such as turf cutters, compactors, Bobcat skid steer, and tip trucks for earthmoving, landscaping and lawn installation. Our team are fully certified and ticketed with a wealth of experience in the residential and civil earthworks industry.

If you have low access to your backyard and machines won’t fit, our team are quick to get the wheelbarrows out so timeframes are met! View the types of lawn grass we provide here.

Our natural roll-on lawn is weed-free, pest-free and is durable against the harsh Perth weather when properly planted and taken care of.

Lawn Removal Perth

Lawn-Art Dirt+Grass specialise in removing old lawns, soil preparation, levelling, shaping, and gardening/block clearing to aid with new lawn installations. Our lawn removal services include:

  • Grass removal
  • Dirt/Soil moving or removal
  • Lawn removal
  • Turf removal

If you are looking at upgrading your backyard, leave it to the lawn experts. Whether you need to remove your lawn for a new pool or to simply revamp your garden, we provide exceptionally fast service with a free measure and quote!

Lawn Removal & Install Services Include:


We will measure your garden and ensure you receive the best grass type for the environmental factors such as shade, traffic and soil type around your home.


Before Lawn-Art Dirt+Grass remove any old lawn, our professional spray the grass two weeks prior to the install to ensure all weeds and old grass are fully removed.


Once the old grass, debris, rocks and weeds are removed, we smooth, shape and level the surface to prepare for the lawn installation. This is to ensure the grass is levelled with the surrounding area.

If this is a new block, cutting the earth first to sculpt the land is a great way to utilise the dirt on-site.


When we have levelled the ground, we add soil improvers to enhance the soil’s water holding capacity and provide essential nutrients to your lawn.


Once the soil has absorbed the soil improvers, we install the turf rolls. We ensure all grass rolls are cut to fit with all angles in your garden, including curved garden beds, driveways and brick paving.

To ensure your new grass is level with hard surfaces, such as your driveway and paving, we take into consideration the grass thickness when preparing the soil.


After we have installed the roll-on turf, we recommend you to water the soil regularly. It is critical to keep the grass watered at all times for the first fourteen days until the grass has rooted. We provide clients with aftercare instructions and advice after installation. Read our Turf Care Perth article for a quick overview of watering your new turf.

A new lawn will take approximately 12 months before it has established a good root system, and will need more water during its first summer.

Grass Landscaping

Grass landscaping is important for the aesthetics of your yard and property market value. Our certified team of operators will carry out all the earthmoving, landscaping and grass installation tasks from start to finish with our on-hand equipment. We ensure all jobs are done with safety and integrity and will always ensure all clients are satisfied with results.

Lawn Installation Cost

We supply, deliver and install natural grass in Perth. As a WA owned and operated company, we take pride in simplicity and transparency. We work to our strong suits and will refer you to reliable contacts for jobs we don’t specialise in.

To find out the approximate lawn installation cost for your home, contact Lawn-Art Dirt+Grass today on 0432 504 232 for your free quote! We provide the fastest most impeccable grass supply and install service in Perth!

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Lawn-Art Dirt+Grass provide free measures and quotes for our turf installation, levelling, shaping and block clearing services in Perth.


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