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New Turf Care

Once your turf has been laid, it is essential that the owner must follow the maintenance steps in order for the turf to thrive and establish its roots.

You do not need to flood the lawn, but ensure it is moist. You will save yourself stress, time and money by following the maintenance until your freshly laid turf has fully established. Ensure your investment will pay off by growing into the beautiful green lawn that you and your neighbours will love!

Take the step to increase the value of your property. Here’s how to look after your new turf!

New Lawn Maintenance

Please keep your new lawn moist at all times. In summer or hot periods, you should be watering your new lawn at least four times a day. This can be early morning, mid/late morning, late afternoon or early evening.

On a humid Perth day, it is recommended that you avoid watering in the late afternoon and instead we suggest watering in the early morning. The lawn will stay moist for an extended period, especially during the cooler evening hours. If you water in the late afternoon, there's a higher chance of water evaporating before it has a chance to benefit the lawn, especially in the warm Perth climate.

Some types of lawn grass that are known to be durable are Palmetto, Sir Walter Buffalo, Empire Zoysia and more! Ask the grass experts to find out what grass will suit you the best, or view the lawn varieties that will thrive in Perth.

If you have recently installed new turf, you must keep your new roll-on grass healthy, especially in Perth’s climate. One vital rule is to not let your lawn dry out for the first fourteen days, minimum! We recommend watering it as soon as it has been laid.

After roll-on natural turf has been installed, we instruct you to water the soil regularly. Lawn-Art Dirt+Grass add soil improvers to enhance the soil’s water holding capacity and provide essential nutrients to your lawn, helping it establish and grow better.

If you have not implemented this step in your new turf installation, you may need to take extra care for the first four weeks of watering. If you have installed fertiliser yourself, you will need to ensure you have applied it correctly as it can burn the lawn.

A new lawn will take approximately 12 months before it has established a good root system, and will need more water during its first summer or if it is windy. Please avoid traffic on your freshly laid new turf, especially for the first four to five weeks, as this will impact its establishment.

When To Mow Your New Grass

Depending on the time of year, you should lightly mow you new grass within two to four weeks of installation.

Does My Lawn Need More Water?

You will know when your lawn needs water when the leaf blades curl and shrivel. Your new lawn should never get to that stage. Lawns will start to show footprints when stepped on if there isn’t enough water in the grass. Please limit the amount of traffic on your new lawn!

Unsure of how to water your front garden after your 4 weeks of new turf maintenance? Talk to the grass experts and we’ll advise you depending on the health and factors of your lawn. The Water Corporation has some watering tips for those who are unsure of Perth’s watering guidelines. Check out their watering day calendar here.

We hope this helps you in your new turf care. Your garden is a great asset to your home and will boost property value, especially when selling your home, so it is always great to keep your turf well maintained to save any headaches in the future.

If you need help with your lawn, contact Lawn-Art Dirt+Grass today to bring your front garden to life! We provide residential lawn supply and installation services with fresh roll-on grass.

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