Types of Lawn Grass

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Roll On Lawn Perth

It is important you choose the right grass in the Perth climate. Many factors will influence the choice of grass, such as location, traffic on the grass, amount of shade provided, soil type, surrounding environment, and grass maintenance upkeep. We will always recommend the best natural grass for the environment of your home.

The natural lawn that Lawn-Art Dirt+Grass provide are:

  • Palmetto: A low maintenance turf grass with a bright emerald green colour. It is durable against drought, shade, and Perth’s winter chill. It is soft to touch and ideal for residential properties.
  • Sir Walter Buffalo: This premium low-maintenance lawn grass tolerates Perth’s brutal Summers and harsh winters. It has a high tolerance to salt, sun and shade and can be irrigated with bore water. It is low allergy and is a beautiful dark green.
  • Kikuyu: This lawn grass is commonly used in parks and public open spaces due to its all year round green vibrant colour and its durability towards handle high level traffic.
  • Village Green Kikuyu: This premium dense lawn grass will maintain its emerald green colour and coverage throughout Perth’s winter months. It is tolerant to frost, high levels of traffic and is easy to maintain with excellent weed suppression. Perfect for homes.
  • Winter Green Couch: This beautiful domestic light green lawn grass is great for homes and as sports turf. It tolerates low water intake with no watering required in winter and has good durability against wear and tear.
  • Empire Zoysia: This low-maintenance dark green grass thrives in Perth’s heat and humidity. It tolerates low water intake, less fertiliser, and requires less moving than most other grasses.

We may be able to supply certain types of grass not provided on this list. Contact Lawn-Art Dirt+Grass today to know the ideal grass in your home.

Residential Grass Supply and Installation

Not sure which types of lawn grass will suit your home?

Lawn-Art Dirt+Grass specialise in residential turf installation have been supplying and installing the best range of lawn grass for over 15 years. We will deliver and install grass to Perth metro and surrounding suburbs, and do small or large residential jobs. We only recommend grass that will suit your home’s environmental factors such as location, amount of shade in the area and maintainenance level. Factors you may consider are:

  • Colour, texture, thickness of the blade of grass
  • Soil type
  • Growth rate and invasiveness
  • Maintenance and mowing requirements
  • Water consumption and tolerance to waterlogging
  • Shade and wear resistance
  • Minimum daily sunlight
  • Weed resistance
  • Drought resistance
  • Read more about the best grass varieties for Perth conditions here!

Our in-house team include our experienced staff, earthmoving machinery and turf cutting equipment to shift the dirt, shape the land and install lawn grass. We tackle difficult shaped blocks, narrow lots, or low access into backyards and can remove and install large amounts of soil and sand.

As your local residential grass supply and installation company, we treat your home like our home and ensure each job is completed with all debris and mess removed by our team. We supply all types of lawn grass from WA.

If you are thinking of replacing your lawn with natural roll-on grass, view the types of grass we provide below.

Cost of Grass

Lawn-Art Dirt+Grass are WA owned and operated. We make sure to have competitive prices for the types of lawn grass and installation.

We offer free quotes and measures for clients in Perth and the surrounding suburbs! With our qualified team with over 15 years of experience, our lawn supply and install services are fast and impeccable, and ensure our clients and satisfied every time! Contact Lawn-Art Dirt+Grass today on 0432 504 232.

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